Bitrate was founded in 1999 and is focused in the supply of network analysis and maintenance equipment.

Networks today have become complex and cumbersome to maintain. To keep up with this complexity, the equipment we supply has to constantly evolve and provide improved troubleshooting and maintenance techniques. BitRate is currently the official supplier of the Fluke Networks range of test tools and the Infoblox range of Core Network Services Equipment.

Training in the effective use of the tools is key in order provide full customer satisfaction. It is vital so that the customer enjoys the full benefits of their investment in the products.

The equipment we supply must constantly evolve and adapt to the latest networking environment. We at Bitrate know that in order to remain a leader in the field we need to supply the best the industry has to offer. We constantly search for the best solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

To become the “Leading Supplier of Network Analysis and Maintenance equipment” in South Africa, by supplying state of the art products and training our customers, in the use of the products. To search for new technologies, employ quality staff, and believing in focusing on customer satisfaction at all times.

Market Trends

Networks today are mission critical to any business. With the increase in complexity in Networks, new testing techniques and philosophies have to be implemented. Network maintenance costs can easily spiral out of control unless new Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting philosophies and tools are implemented. Unnecessary upgrades, high outage times and badly structured networks can be eliminated with the correct troubleshooting and maintenance structures in place.

We offer up to date tools specifically for switched environments with the capability to do a wide range of tasks on LANs and WANs. Coupled with our training, you can be assured, not only of being ahead of network technologies, but also of your competitors.

A summary of our solutions

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