The automotive manufacturing, sales and service industry has some of the most demanding and complex requirements for IT and networking teams.  When dealing with just-in-time inventory, real-time logistics and customer facing requirements, the IT team at a leading automotive company’s European regional headquarters was challenged with keeping the network fine-tuned to ensure success across the entire organization.

The automotive company supports more than 100 locations spread across 29 countries with the majority having different national languages.  The European regional office supports a wide range of customers and services including headquarters, research and development, manufacturing plants, logistic sites, and part warehouses. 

visual-network-sysLast night in Washington, DC, I was driving home in a severe thunderstorm that had blinding lightning flashes and thundering canon booms. Two weeks ago we had lost power for 5 days in my home during the sweltering, summer heat and it was not pleasant (understatement). I was worried about losing power at the house and after checking in via the mobile phone, my mind wandered back to the office and work. If I was losing power at home, how would this storm impact my company’s network? Would I return to the office with a lack of insight into what devices or applications were up or down, for how long, etc.? Then I smiled.