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You can’t be productive with tools from the past. That’s why, after fourteen years,
service and calibration for the DTX Series will end in June 2018. Join the thousands
of contractors moving to the future with Versiv. Versiv delivers a 2/3 reduction in
certification costs and 10% more to your bottom line. Upgrade to Versiv with a gift
from Fluke Networks – up to $ 3.000,- discount* if you trade-in your old DTX.

And if you have a current DTX Gold agreement, get an extra incentive: up to
$ 6.000,- discount* if you trade-in your old DTX latest on March 31st, 2018.

*Discount applies to the Fluke Networks recommended list price of the regular
model numbers of the promoted instruments.



The DTX-1200/1800 Long Term Support Policy
Long-term support for the DTX-1200/1800 Series, after 3 years, will end on June 30th,
2018, due to a shortage or lack of availability of certain crucial replacement components,
meaning you can only renew your Gold membership for another year up to June 30th, 2017.
Gold Members are entitled to a special upgrade offer!
For a limited time, your old DTX equipment is worth up to:
Terms and Conditions
• Customer must buy a DSX-5000, DSX-8000, DSX-5000Qi or any of the DSX-8000 Fiber Kits with Gold Services.
• The maximum number of DTX’s, Fiber Module Sets and/or DTX Compact OTDR Modules that will be credited cannot exceed the number of DSX’s, CertiFiber Pro Module Sets and
OptiFiber Pro Modules purchased. Note: a DSX-8000-Qi counts as 3 instruments – Copper Cable Tester, MultiMode OLTS & SingleMode OLTS. Practical example: a DTX-1800-MS
“CARE” customer is entitled to receive € 2.750,= trade-in credit when purchasing a DSX-5000Qi or DSX-8000Qi.
• Qualifying customers must have at least one unexpired Gold contract on a Fluke Networks certification product. Gold needs to be active for minimum 1 month. Any
outstanding Gold on the DTX equipment will be credited.
• Customer must return the old DTX test equipment to Fluke Networks within 30 days of the date of our invoice of the new equipment to the distributor. If instruments are not
returned within 30 days the credit note will be revoked.
• Within the European Union, the customer is responsible for shipping the old equipment to Fluke Networks. Outside the European Union the DTX instrumentation needs to be
returned to the preferred distributor.
• This offer is valid in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through participating distributors only, on made purchases between March 1, 2017 and August 25, 2017.
• This trade-in promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discount offer (including the “DealMaker”)
• This offer is subject to change without notice.
Call your Fluke Networks contact or preferred distributor to help you determine whether you are entitled to “CARE” or
“FLEX” deals. Fleet Gold customers purchasing 5 or more Versiv instruments are entitled to the “FLEX” deals. All other
Gold customers are entitled to the “CARE” deals.
Place an order with your preferred distributor for the Versiv configuration of your choice (see list of qualifying models
below) together with the credit SKUs that you are entitled to. Mention on the order the unique ID that was generated
by DSXDEAL.com. Via DSXDEAL.com you formally claim your trade-in cash back whilst generating a shipping document
and label with which you need to return the DTX equipment to Fluke Networks.
Ensure that the form generated by DSXDEAL.com is inserted in the box in which the old DTX instrumentation is
being returned to Fluke Networks. This is critical as the document contains the unique ID with which we track your
shipment once it arrives. Now Fluke Networks will credit the distributor for the amount of the credit SKUs, after which
the distributor will credit you.
Copyright © 2017 Fluke Corporation. 4/2017 3485
Credit Model Description Trade-in2

Your DTX* has served you well for years.
The only way we’d ask you to replace it
is if we had something better.
And we have something far better

By upgrading to Versiv you will have instruments
that earn you money every time you use them. On
top of that we value our Gold Customers and we’ll
prove it to you. We will give you incredible trade-in
deals to swap out your DTX devices for our new DSX
models part of the Versiv Cable Certification System.
Our best just got better, and your work output and
profits will, too.



Versiv™ makes your team more productive, and for a limited time, you can double their productivity with a FREE FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro, consisting of a Versiv™main unit and fiber optic camera  Free


The FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro certifies fibre end-faces to the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard in just one second, providing automated PASS/FAIL results that take the human subjectivity and guesswork out of fibre inspection.

• With all eligible configurations execute Basic/Tier 1 fibre certification and inspect fibre end faces at both ends of the link without moving the tester to the far end.
• In case a DSX-8000QOi is purchased: 1. Certify copper cabling and perform OTDR testing at the same time. 2. Perform Basic/Tier 1 fibre certification and simultaneously have the ability to either Extended/Tier 2 certify links or troubleshoot failed links with the OTDR.
Versiv saves you money every time you use it.



Purchase now the special model number 1TG2-3000-BG1 and you will receive two OneTouch AT 3000 units in your order, for the price of 1. No rebate form required! Simply request this specific model number 1TG2-3000-BG1  make your IT budget go a little further.

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