Fluke Networks
If you are aware of the  importance of your business network then you’re sure to want the best possible products on the market which will ensure effective installation and network stability.

Fluke Networks is a globally recognised supplier of fibre and copper cable testing tools and equipment.

They manufacture a wide range of products for testing and troubleshooting LAN networks. In addition, Fluke Networks also provide efficient performance management solutions to establish robust, secure networks in the workplace.

Fluke Networks is renowned for producing effective fibre and copper cable testers which are essential components in the certification process. These products are also highly efficient testers for both fibre optic and copper cabling, and can effectively troubleshoot network connectivity issues quickly and economically.

Ensure that you experience minimal network downtime by successfully optimising your network with the help of the high quality products from Fluke Networks. Maintain productivity and increase profitability with the use of a reliable, secure network.

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MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier

When installing copper cable network systems one needs to adhere to certain industry standards. This process is known as copper certification. In order to effectively gather this information one needs a reliable testing tool which delivers a simple “pass” or “fail” outcome. This process is called copper cable testing

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TS90 Cable Fault Finder

If you take you IT infrastructure for granted you are setting your business up for network failure and IT dysfunction.

Datacom installation tools guarantee that effective installation, certification and testing solutions are put in place to ensure that your fibre and copper cabling meets the required industry standard, enhances and optimises performance, and offers effective support to the application necessary for your business to function

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OptiFiber Pro OTDR

Fibre optic cabling is now the preferred choice for the majority of business and home networks. As a result of this exponential growth in popularity over the last couple of years it is now more important than ever to adhere to the strict fibre cable certification industry standards which have been set.

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NEW OneTouch AT V2

The Versiv family is fast becoming known as the tools for the overachievers. These highly efficient copper and fibre cable certification tools are quickly revolutionising the market, providing better results with less supervision.

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Being a world-class manufacturer of quality cable and network testers, Fluke Networks has an array of quality products which we have on offer, right here, at Bitrate.

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LinkSolutions provides complete end-to-end network connectivity testing and automated reporting into our new Link-Live Cloud Service, all with the push of a button. LinkSolutions provides organizations of any size and users with varying skill level with the right tool for the job.

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