NetscoutIn June 2010, Fluke Networks announced the creation of a new operating entity which was established in order to meet the growing demand in the Application Performance Market (APM).

Visual Network Systems was born; a newly branded company which would operate independently in order to address the exponential growth in the APM market.


TruView embeds the most important data sources such as packet, transaction, NetFlow/IPFIX, and SNMP and presents analytics in a time correlated single dashboard view. These correlated views will help you to quickly see how well the infrastructure is transporting applications and how well those applications are performing in context of the end user experience. And, TruView’s integrated 10 Gbps full line rate stream-to-disk packet capture ensures you’ll never miss an important event again, as verified by the Tolly Group independent performance test.

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Today, Visual Network Systems’ product portfolio includes an array of technologies, both organic and inorganic, that support a company’s Enterprise Service Intelligence Strategy. These products include:

  • Visual Performance Manager
  • Visual UpTime Products
  • NetFlow Tracker
  • Application Performance Appliance (APA)
  • NetAlly Active Test Solutions


TruView Live

With TruViewTM Live, IT can test and monitor the entire borderless network,

isolate problem areas and respond quickly to keep business users connected and

productive. Get visibility into SaaS applications, cloud services and on-premise


TruView Live is a subscription service that allows you to start monitoring your

applications, including SaaS, immediately. Scale up as you need to monitor more

locations or services and see results in easy to read dashboards that will alert you

so you can solve problems before they even start.

Monitoring and Test Now


  • Routinely monitor a service such as a website or SaaS application
  • Can be set up and configured to actively test availability and performance at regular intervals, i.e. every 5 minutes
  • Drill-down into specific problem areas for faster domain issue identification

Test Now

  • Test a specific website or application on-demand
  • Test from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Get detailed reporting
  • This test also maps the layer-3 ISP path from source to destination
  • Uses Geo-IP lookup to determine location and ASN-to-ISP mapping

TruView Live Monitored Services

With TruView Live you have constant visibility into the performance of your entire network including all on-premise and third-party SaaS applications.

With visual dashboards you can isolate the problem source and get it resolved

quickly, even get alerted to issues before they become critical.

Use TruView Live to test and monitor business user access and response time

while measuring usage, activity and more.