VSS MonitoringVSS Monitoring is the leader in network intelligence optimization systems, allowing you to make optimal use of analytics, security, and WAN acceleration tools. VSS has the broadest product portfolio to meet every customer need, no matter what size or budget. VSS distinguishes itself as the only vendor offering optimization solutions for the entire network intelligence ecosystem. All VSS product is developed, manufactured, tested, and shipped from our facilities in Silicon Valley, USA.

VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to network intelligence optimization. With the vMesh and the IntelliScale Architecture, up to 63 vNodes can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, scalable traffic access architecture, providing complete network visibility, user-controlled network data access,taps, pocket broker , greater operational efficiency and better ROI.


The vBroker™ Series comprises of a number of vBroker™ models which provide organisations with increased visibility on their networks through the process of capturing accessing and brokering traffic from the network through monitoring and activating security tools.

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10 Gig Distributed TAPS

The Distributed Series consists of seven different models which provide an option for everyone, whether you have a small; medium, or large scale organisation.

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Protector 612family

Protector TAPS effectively makes contact, captures and transports traffic from one, multi-layered, network to multiple networks intelligence tools which may be active or passive. This product combines the processes of filtering and load balancing in order to provide redundancy and high visibility.

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Network TAPS

The TAP Series is the ultimate solution for accessing traffic from the full-duplex networks and transporting the traffic to network intelligence tools. This process is essential to Network Intelligence Optimisation and effective system construction.

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