The days of unplugging the router, waiting ten seconds and reinserting the cable, are over. At least, they should be. Why play the guessing game when you could get a highly efficient tool that will do the job for you?

If you are shaking your head because you don’t know the first thing about networks and security, don’t worry. Our products have been developed to be user friendly and can be operated effectively by anyone. You don’t have to be a Wi-Fi technician or an IT genius to make these products work for you.

However, if you are a network technician then you will find our products to be more than capable of performing any task you can throw at them. Herein lies the beauty of our products: Simple enough for your everyday business owner but with enough depth and technical ability to satisfy the demands of a network professional.

Set up an effective WLAN design for your business; ensure that your network is secure, and that you are able to perform regular analysis in order to continuously optimise your network.

Bitrate provides world class, globally recognised products such as Wi-Fi testers, security systems, planners and analysers to assist you in establishing a robust and secure network for your business.

Our products made optimising your networks quick and easy with the convenience of a single handheld tool. Troubleshoot your wireless networks yourself with our simplified wireless tester, plan and establish wireless networks with the Planner and productively identify and remove RF interferences with our Analyser.

These are just a few of the great products we have on offer, designed to make your life simpler. Browse through our extensive products page and click on each individual product for further information, features and benefits.

For more information and advice regarding our products, contact Bitrate today.