Recover Your Data Fast in any Complex Environment

Rethink disaster recovery and what’s at risk: potential loss of business and reputational damage. Comprehensive disaster recovery of data across on-premises, cloud and virtual environments is critical for your business. A solid disaster recovery strategy helps you be ready for new challenges like ransomware and GDPR.

It’s not just data and applications in a traditional environment that you’re trying to recover. It’s related workloads that live on-premises and in the cloud. Virtual machines, physical services, applications and endpoints also need to be considered.

  • Recovery time is critical. How long does data recovery take with your current point solutions
  • Recovery point is also critical. Do you have the latest data needed for recovery?
  • Can you recover in a cost effective way?


Disaster recovery with automation, security and efficiency

You need a comprehensive approach to drive the effort, risks and cost out of disaster recovery. When an issue happens, you must be prepared. You need to streamline processes with automation and orchestration. You need to see what data is affected and where it lives. It’s critical to have IT efficiency during a disaster recovery exercise.

What if you could reduce the time, effort, and headaches of disaster recovery?




Disaster recovery for cloud data

Working with Commvault, you’ll have cost-effective, reliable disaster recovery across on-premises, cloud locations and virtual environments. With built-in automation, orchestration, replication, alerting and reporting, you’ll be able to perform disaster recovery more efficiently during testing and under actual disaster recovery scenarios. From a single platform, Commvault empowers you to:

  • Streamline and automate disaster recovery operations—including failover, failback, testing, and post-recovery configuration
  • Orchestrate complex or uncommon disaster recovery scenarios to reduce human errors and manual interventions
  • Optimize costs by tailoring recovery objectives to multiple and distinct business and application requirements
  • Gain a higher degree of protection across workloads—even as they grow over time


Essential capabilities

Recover applications and data on-premises and in the cloud, including across clouds, and from clouds to on-premises locations.

Cog Replica-Arrays Streamline
Automate disaster recovery workflows all the way up to the application tier. Gain control and insight managing multi-platform disaster recovery from a single interface. Cost-effectively move your disaster recovery data without compromising on SLA.




Disaster recovery includes today’s top IT issues.

If your active data becomes inaccessible, comprehensive disaster recovery support can help. Recover data, apps and workloads to keep your business operating and your customers happy, even through a ransomware attack.

Regulations affect all data – so GDPR affects your disaster recovery plan. Make sure you adhere to regulations and recover only the personal data that complies.