[Tysons, Virginia and Johannesburg, South Africa, 28 March 2018] Cybreye, the leader in automated Penetration Testing and Security Assessments and Bitrate, the premier value-added-distributor of cyber security and ICT solutions in South Africa, today announced their strategic partnership and the availability of Cybreye’s services through Bitrate’s partner network of hundreds of companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cybreye combines automated and manual Penetration Testing services to provide comprehensive protection for every access point within a business. A Cybreye Penetration Test offers the best possible defence by checking against 154 000+ attack vectors (over 70 000 more attacks than even the best commercial penetration testing will expose).

The Cybreye Security Standards Audit demonstrates compliance with any relevant vendor/industry standards. This allows organisations to both demonstrate compliance while gaining a complete (and private) overview of its vulnerabilities. Any applicable weaknesses will be highlighted by Cybreye, with a clear path to remediation, which is the Cybreye Purple Team approach, an alliance between the traditional Red and Blue teams.

“Cybreye’s proven techniques and processes enables your security policies to be measured and enforced; allowing IT to deliver wins and provide tangible value”, said Harvey Boulter, Chairman of Cybreye. “Cybreye’s clear reporting of every vulnerability together with the fix for each vulnerability and a roadmap to assist clients makes the process of improving your organisations security posture straight forwards and measurable. With cyber threats growing at an exponential rate, we look forward to working with Bitrate and its partners to provide Cybreye services in Africa and address these threats head-on.”

“The difference is Cybreye’s assessment depth,” says Jeroen Dubbelman, MD of Bitrate. “Due to the vast number of attack signatures and automation, Cybreye is able to assess an environment for more vulnerabilities than any other solution, while completing tests, producing vulnerability reports and remediation steps in record time. The reports are categorised by severity so that IT departments can prioritise effectively.”

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Cybreye combines automated and manual Penetration Testing services to provide comprehensive protection for every access point within a business. Cybreye operates globally, with a full range of services that can be delivered anywhere in the world. We help organisations protect their investments by integrating with existing security products and creating an ongoing security roadmap.


Bitrate focuses on adding value to resale partners which in turn helps them optimise their solutions to their clients. Bitrate focuses on delivering solutions to the market that help clients reduce total cost of ownership, improve their security posture and experience the richness of technology of today.

Bitrate, which has been in operation since 1999, has substantial experience in IT security, network monitoring, application performance monitoring, network troubleshooting and cable infrastructure certification.