JOHANNESBURG – 22 October, 2012 – Bitrate together with Fluke Networks hosted two well-attended successful cabling and wireless seminars in Johannesburg and Cape Town to network professionals.

Fluke Networks EMEA Product Manager for the Infrastructure SuperVision product line, Christian Schilliab, presented a valuable and interesting presentation focusing on both copper and fiber cabling. He demonstrated how the standards have become more strict and relevant as technology demands more bandwidth and performance. The transition from 100MB and 1000MB towards 10GB and up poses some serious challenges towards the cabling industry. He showed us how people in the cabling industry have been using incorrect test methods and how this could impact on the quality and performance of the networks. Lastly, Christian demonstrated the correct methods and how they should be applied.

The wireless seminar was hosted by Fluke Networks EMEA AirMagnet Business Director Reiner Hofmann who started by making us aware of the impact of BYOD and then proceeded to highlight the tools needed to prepare and secure wireless technology.

Reiner together with Brendan Swart from Bitrate, demonstrated the following sets of tools in the presentation:-

In the seminar, Reiner demonstrated how to plan, survey and map out a site taking into account the materials etc. used in the physical infrastructure. He delved into the deployment and  commissioning of a wireless network, taking into account the proper management of bandwidth by proper use of channels. He closed off with security and explained how hackers can illegally access a network and how we can monitor and prevent illegal access with use of the AirMagnet Enterprise.


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