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For enterprises needing WAN redundancy and load balancing multiple links from different ISP’s achieve this on the firewall itself?

Hillstone Networks offers enterprise/carrier grade firewalls which add Link Load Balancing and Server Load balancing on the same device.

Hillstone Networks has a range of devices available that are suitable for use from very small enterprises to very large enterprises.



The following features are available on box:


  • Real-time link quality detection and dynamic load balancing. The link quality is detected through link status, bandwidth utilization, latency or jitter in real time.
  • Special application compatibility mode: Policy based routing can be set up for specific applications adding extra functionality and security.
  • Branch VPN’s with Full Carrier Routing capabilities. Replace your router with a full Next Generation Firewall.
  • Link Load Balancing DNS compensation: when the load is not evenly allocated, the LLB DNS compensation can ensure all new DNS requests are routed to the low-load link, ensuring an even load between links.
  • Server Load Balancing




  • Combination of high performance/capacity NAT functionality with intelligent LLB
  • Role out cost effective branch VPN’s using Next Generation firewalls and no, Its not more expensive compared to our more common enterprise router brands!
  • Better utilization of the internet bandwidth, reduce operation cost
  • Provide high availability of internet link, avoid service interruption
  • Reduce costs for the enterprise by combining Link Load Balancing, Server Load Balancing, VPN, QoS and award winning Next Generation Firewall
  • The optional Intelligent Next Generation Firewall adds full Kill Chain mapping in order to detect malware attacking your critical assets (Read more about the iNGFW here)
  • ISP’s can offer on the box reporting for clients

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