Get ready to overachieve with VersivTM


Introducing the Versiv Cabling Certification Product Family, build to be the best tool possible; one that can carry out testing, troubleshooting and handling of even the most complex cabling certification projects in a paradigm where multiple projects are being handled simultaneously.

Designed from the ground up, the new Versiv™ Cabling Certification Product Family addresses the entire certification life cycle. It’s beenspecifically engineered to help data communications installers achieve system acceptance more quickly, accurately and profitably. One way it achieves this is through an ingenious, future-proof design. Users can switch between copper certification, OLTS, OTDR and Wi-Fi analysis with the greatest of ease; simply insert a dedicated module and everything’s ready to go! In addition, new innovations reduce test time, improve measurement accuracy, and simplify everything from project planning to instrument setup and the generation of reports that make it easy to get system acceptance.

Putting you firmly in control

The Versiv’s revolutionary ProjX™ management system allows you to track multiple jobs putting you firmly in control of all the projects that you are managing. At the same time it prevents common errors like testing to the wrong limits and mixing-up cable ID’s from happening, accelerating project completion and minimizing waste.

All in all, the new Versiv gets jobs done right first time, with less supervision. No more unnecessary errors that impact profitability. No more separate tools. Versiv: get ready to overachieve.

Check out the website to see the full specifications and details, watch an explanatory video or request a demo.