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Send simulated phishing emails to your users in order to monitor them. Then send them on online training and watch the improvement. Don’t worry the process is easy with Cyber Risk Aware!



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95% of security incidents are caused by human error.
Educate your staff now, to protect your organisation against cyber crime!


CyberRiskAware is a comprehensive cyber security user awareness and phishing mitigation solution designed to protect your business from being a victim of cyber crime.

Using a scheduled gamified training program and a unique crowd-activity approach, the CyberRiskAware automatic user training and compliance mitigation response is immediately executed when risky user behaviour is detected by your existing network defences or if a phishing attack is reported by employees.

CyberRiskAware has been proven to work in leading global organisations.




Why do staff need Cyber Security Education
& Awareness training?

  • Cyber Criminals target the weakest link in security.
    “The human. Your staff.”
  • Technical defences are not stopping incidents from
    happening because of user behaviour.
  • 23% of phishing emails are opened by staff with 11%
    opening attachments or clicking on links
  • Ransomware attacks continue to rise and will
    cause your data to be encrypted owing to user
  • Traditional training is not fit for purpose and is an
    annual “compliance” tick the box exercise that
    does not change user behaviour long term.

Why Cyber Risk Aware?

  • Founded in Ireland, by a team of highly experienced
    cyber security professionals who have worked in
    protecting multinational companies and educating
    staff over the last 10 years.
  • Discover how phish-prone your staff are using Phish
    Maestro™ which contains over 26 phishing templates
  • Highly engaging, short training content including
    an interactive game to test awareness and compete
    against your peers
  • Proven to reduce human cyber risks by up to 90%
  • Maximize the return on your investment in existing
    defences by triggering “real time” training in
    response to detected risky behaviour
  • Hosted as a Service, which can be accessed
    anywhere, anytime on any device. No changes
    needed on your network.
  • Simple annual subscription to all content,
    priced per user.


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