World Class Cyber Security Penetration Testing

A False Sense of Security… The Greatest threat to Your Organisation


Many organisations rely on Intrusion Prevention Systems, often built into firewalls, monitored by a Secure Operation Centre (SOC), together with periodic penetration testing, to protect their networks from attack.

Firewalls and most commercial penetration testing solutions will test or protect your organisation against around 60 000 to 80 000 attacks. CybrEye will analyse your environment and test against over 155 000 vulnerabilities. It is frightening how many organizations are open to easy infiltration. Take action now and ask for a CybrEye penetration test.  Get compliant and be confident about your IT security.




With these measures in place, you might be confident that your organisation is protected? It actually isn’t!

Firewalls as well as commercial penetration tests do not cover the entire threat landscape, and are only as good as the number of known threats they can detect or test for. The firewall cannot see, let alone protect against, unknown attacks for which no pattern or signature is publicly available. Further, a SOC can only report the threats that the firewall detects meaning that while you consider your network to be safe, thousands of successful attacks may be happening during this time.


CybrEye tests against all exploitable vulnerabilities

A CybrEye Penetration test utilizes 154 000+ attack vectors per IP



CybrEye’s capability is way beyond commercial grade penetration testing & gives complete visibility of the threat landscape, exposing verified exploitable vulnerabilities. With 154000+ attack vectors per IP, this is over 70 000 more attacks than even the best commercial penetration testing will expose. With CybrEye, you can obtain hundreds of successful attack results even in a network where the IPS is set to BLOCK ALL.


The CybrEye Penetration test:

  • Exposes your full threat landscape
  • Delivers a clear remediation roadmap and support
  • Measure and enforces your security policies


CybrEye Security Standards Audit

The CybrEye Penetration Test offers the best possible defense by checking against 154 000+ attack vectors, while the CybrEye Security Standards Audit demonstrates compliance with any relevant vendor/industry standard.

Security Standards Audits

  • ISO 27001
  • Internal IT Security Policy

CybrEye’s Penetration Test exceeds all levels of standard vendor and industry compliance requirements.
The CybrEye Security Standards Audit will measure compliance to specific standards, filtering out any weaknesses that do not have a direct bearing on those standards. This allows organisations to both demonstrate compliance while gaining a complete private overview of your vulnerabilities.

Any applicable weaknesses will be highlighted with a clear path to remediation, which is the CybrEye Purple Team approach, an alliance between traditional Red and Blue Teams.




CybrEye Test Examples:

Identification of rules, management approval finalized and documented, and testing goals are set. The planning phase sets the groundwork for a successful penetration test.

1. Discovery

Phase 1: Testing commences with info gathering and scanning. Network port and service identification is conducted to identify potential targets.
Phase 2: Vulnerability analysis, comparing the services, applications and operating systems of scanned hosts against vulnerability databases (automated vulnerability scanner process) and the testers’ knowledge of vulnerabilities.

2. Attack

CybrEye specialists execute a staged attack. If an attack is successful, the vulnerability is verified and safeguards are identified to mitigate the associated security exposure.

3. Reporting

CybrEye’s clear, easy to understand reports details all the security vulnerabilities within an infrastructure that can be exploited and how to resolve them.

In many cases, up to 80% of the risks to an IT environment can be mitigated by resolving a much smaller number of key vulnerabilities. CybrEye’s Remediation Report will identify these and prioritize a remediation strategy accordingly.


CybrEye Test Examples:

  • SQL Database Attacks
    (SQL Injections)
  • Database Config Audited against:
    Oracle, MSSQL, etc. Configuration Standards
  • Webserver Attacks:
    — Flaw Exploit Analysis
    — Backdoor Identification
    — Payload offload via mechanisms such as Meterpeter
    – Cross Site Scripting Attacks against Web Apps
  • Perimeter Security Bypass Exploitation
  • Full Operating System Security Audits