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Welcome to the June edition of Eye On Networks. Here you will find industry relevant information for Network Professionals, with a goal of keeping you informed about industry and job related trends. Let us know what you think by shooting us an email at

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On-Demand Webcasts
Wireless VoIP and the 802.11ac standard
The principles of managing VoIP performance
How to Speed Up Network problem-solving
Tips for integrating BYOD with your WLAN

Datacenter Dynamic SA-JHB / 18 September
IP Expo London / 16 & 17 October / Booth A8
Gitex Dubai / 20 – 24 October / Hall 2 D2-45

CCTT Training / SA-JHB / 06 August / Register Now
Fiber Excellence Seminar / SA-JHB / 07 August / Register Now

Datacom Cabling

A New Tester for the New Normal: Introducing the Versiv Family of Certification Tools

Terms like virtualization, cloud, SLA, SANs, SaaS and BYOD are all the rage in today’s technology world. But, none of these advancements are possible without the hard, diligent work done by cabling professionals to build, maintain, and optimize the cabling infrastructure. The industry is changing, and today’s data communications installers need to be quick, accurate, and agile to meet up with the industry’s fast evolution.

 WLAN Analysis

Step Aside BYOD, There’s a Bigger, Badder WLAN Challenge on the Horizon: Network Traffic Planning

While IT admins are losing sleep over smartphone and tablet (in)security, there’s a bigger, badder challenge on the horizon: wireless network traffic planning.

Model Any Wireless Environment Across Multiple Floors with the New Release of AirMagnet Survey (8.5)

Wireless networks are becoming ubiquitous. We connect wirelessly at our homes, offices, hotels, cafes and airports – pretty much everywhere. Wireless environment are also very dynamic: the RF (radio frequency) environment can change, new users may need to be supported, more devices may need to be supported (Bring Your Own Device; BYOD) or access points (APs) may need to be upgraded to the latest 802.11 technology.

IT Networking

Tired of the War Room? Get the Right View into Performance Problems

When a problem impacts a critical business application and escalation fails to resolve it, a War Room situation quickly comes together. In these meetings people from several different departments within IT come together to join forces and correct the problem as quickly as possible. Ideally, all areas of responsibility will have the visibility and analysis capability they need to isolate and resolve the issue, without baseless finger pointing to other areas

5 Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation is an IT strategy brought on by the changing IT climate to combine large amounts of servers into a compact, cost-efficient system. A consolidation strategy can take years to plan and deploy, but has ultimately been shown to reduce costs, increase the business value of IT, and make a realistically manageable footprint.

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