Eye On Networks July Edition
Welcome to the July edition of Eye On Networks. Here you will find industry relevant information for Network Professionals, with a goal of keeping you informed about industry and job related trends.  Let us know what you think by shooting us an email at flukenetworksinfo@flukenetworks.com

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Events  30 July |  Versiv training Program |Networks Centre Training Academy, Horsham, West Sussex, UK  | 9am – 4.30pm | Register Now: +44 (0) 1403 754233+44 (0) 1403 754233
Recorded Webinars How to obtain relevant and credible fiber test results| View Now
– Site Survey Best Practices| View Now
– Six Worst Network Troubleshooting Issues and How to Get Past Them| View Now
– Four Ways to Simplify Network Connectivity Testing and Documentation| View Now
– Network Troubleshooting: It’s more than packet capture| View Now
– The Structured Approach to Network Problem Solving| View Now
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View Now White Papers Fiber Standard-Compliant Certification| View Now
– Encircled Flux: An Insider’s Perspective” reprint| View Now
Reducing Costs Through More Effective Results Management| View Now
Cutting through the fog:The Need for Real-Time SaaS Visibility and Monitoring| View Now
Best Practices for Troubleshooting Remote Site Networks| View Now
How IT Can Take Control of the Borderless Enterprise| View Now

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Datacom cabling
DTX-1800 Production Ends June 30th
The response to the new DSX-5000 and the Versiv family of products has been very strong since its launch in 2013. So much so, Fluke Networks will be ending production of the DTX-1800 on June 30th.. Read more
New Gold Membership Benefit: Lifetime Buyback Guarantee
Fluke Networks has a new Gold program benefit for copper and fiber datacom Gold customers – the Lifetime Buyback Guarantee.. Read more
Copper Certification Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide
The Copper Certification Testing Best Practices pocket guide was designed by Fluke Networks to help you maximize profitability whilst ensuring manufacturer warranty statements are promptly issued…Read more
IT Networking
Great Network Tools Aren’t Free… but Neither is Downtime
Network and application problems cost companies a ridiculous amount of time and money, and if they go unresolved, customer loyalty, brand reputation and public perception suffer..Read More
Politics, money, and network performance
If securing sufficient budget to support your IT organization feels like you’re maneuvering through a political mine field, it’s because you are..Read More 
Announcing TruView Live
More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies have begun to incorporate cloud-based services and SaaS applications into their day-to-day operations , some of them performing business-critical functionsRead More 
WLAN Analysis
Avoiding Honeypot APs: Who do you trust?
While rigorously validating server certificates is key to avoiding Honeypot APs and other man-in-the-middle attacks that may follow, this advice begs the question: How do you know which servers to trust?… Read more
Can WPA2-Enterprise stop Honeypot AP attacks?
Numerous demonstrations have proven that users easily fall prey to open Honeypot (aka Evil Twin) APs. … Read more
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