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Upcoming Events and Webcasts

Live Webinars
– 18 June at 10am BST – OneTouch 10Gb webinar in English | Register Now
–  30 June at 10am BST – XG webinar in English | Register Now
– 25 June at 10am CET – XG webinar in Dutch | Register Now
– 2 July at 10am CET – XG webinar  in French | Register Now

Recorded Webinars
– Answers to your top questions about network troubleshooting | View Now
– Live Demo of OptiView XG  | View Now
– Packet Analysis –From Wire to First Steps (Part 1) | View Now
– Packet Analysis – A Deeper Dive (Part 2)  | View Now

Borderless Enterprise Events – How are you managing it? 

8 June |  Partner Launch Event with new partners | Armani Hotel – Dubai | 9 – 17.00 | Register Now   | More Info
– 9 June |  Round Table for C-level Executives | Armani Hotel – Dubai | 10 – 13.30 |   More Info
10 June |  Half Day Seminar for IT Professionals | Armani Hotel – Dubai | 8.30 – 14.00 |  More Info
10 June |  Data Communications | informal presentation follow by BBQ |  More Info 
– 25 June |
Flow Communications | Seminar followd by rib boat ride on the Thames | London – UK | More Info 


IT Networking

Borderless Enterprise Launch
On May 19th, Fluke Networks launched its new solution framework – The Borderless Enterprise – with a number of new product launches including its first SaaS solution TruView Live. The core component of the Borderless Enterprise message is tied to the seismic shift of how new applications or services are being supplied. The traditional infrastructure-centric approach, where all new services started at the network and slowly built out internally, is being overrun by a plethora of options including SaaS, Cloud Platforms, BYOD and many more… Read more »

5 IT challenges for the Borderless Enterprise in 2015
The borderless enterprise will become a topic of increasing prevalence in 2015. This phenomenon is being driven by the adoption of cloud, mobile devices and wireless access…. Read more »

Borderless enterprises: the challenges it brings for IT

Tech Day’s Shannon Williams recently spoke with Bruce Kosbab, CTO of Fluke Networks, about the challenges facing IT when managing the ins and outs of the “borderless enterprise”…  Read more »

The Changing Role of Network Management

It’s impossible to read the trade press or attend a webinar these days and not be confronted with the fact that IT organizations are undergoing fundamental change. However, there is far less discussion about what those changes mean to network management…  Read more »


WLAN Analysis

What WLAN admins can learn from Starbucks
Earlier this week, reports surfaced about payment fraud attacks experienced by users of the Starbucks mobile app… Read more »

Are you vulnerable to the FREAK attack?
Last month, researchers in France discovered yet another gaping hole in SSL, dubbed the FREAK attack. FREAK is a downgrade vulnerability….  Read more »


Don’t fall into the “No iOS Zone”
In a recent RSA 2015 session entitled “Mobile Vulnerabilities: From Data Breach to Complete Shutdown,” the co-founders of Skycure took aim at iOS and its increasing number of network security vulnerabilities…  Read more »


Datacom Cabling       

Standards Update: The Four A’s of Harmonization
With ANSI/TIA being a North American standards body and ISO/IEC considered international, some often question why we need both, especially considering the similarities between the two…Read More

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Copper Certification Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide

The Copper Certification Testing Best Practices pocket guide was designed by Fluke Networks to help you maximize profitability whilst ensuring manufacturer warranty statements are promptly issued…Read More


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