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WLAN Analysis

Up the Speed: 5 Tips for Deploying 802.11ac
IThe bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon is growing rapidly and creating capacity issues for enterprises that must now support more devices than ever. In addition, networks are already under strain from bandwidth-hungry applications like video and audio streaming. Given all the performance demands, anything that improves the capacity and end-user experience of wireless networks is likely to be embraced by network planners. Read More » 

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IT Networking

Introducing Application Aware Network Performance Management – the new equation for faster problem-solving

Organisations are increasingly dependent on the performance of their business applications – which, in turn, depend on the performance of their network infrastructure. To keep the business running smoothly, the performance of both applications and the network must be maintained at the highest levels.

The traditional approach has been to monitor network and application performance separately, using different systems run by different teams. However, this is becoming more difficult as virtualisation extends from the data centre to the desktop and the use of cloud services continues to grow…. Read More » 

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Smart Tools to support your network and your team – Try it out!

Are your technicians tired of inadequate laptop utilities and pieced-together freeware solutions for troubleshooting wireless networks?
Request a free evaluation kit of the AirCheck that helps you to make wireless troubleshooting simple.
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Datacom Cabling

How to Find Profits in New Places 
When the enterprise cabling installation industry started, the question was why certify? Now, 15 years later, there are dedicated job classifications for copper, fiber and wireless; new technologies, consolidation of service providers, less privately owned datacenters and more complexity to the overall business.

This white paper explores the changes over the last twenty years, in cabling standards and how contractors have changed to keep up with them in order to meet suppliers warranties and ensure a quality job. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to increase profitability and manage cash flow. Since advances in testing technology have reduced the time to certify to just a few seconds, it would seem that little could be done to improve this part of the installation process.   Read More »

Certifying MPO Cabling is now Faster and Less Expensive with the Singlemode MultiFiber Pro
Until now, testing singlemode MPO cabling meant using testers not specifically designed for that purpose, which take more time to complete testing and could lead to errors due to polarity. The singlemode MultiFiber Pro is the first tester specifically designed for singlemode MPO cabling.  It cuts test time by up to 95 percent, from roughly 6.5 minutes to 20 seconds.
Singlemode MPO cabling is becoming a popular option in large datacenters and enterprise environments, due to its bandwidth and distance advantages. The Singlemode MultiFiber Pro automates the difficult parts of loss testing, making pass/fail certification of MPO fiber trunks and cassettes more efficient.
MultiFiber Pro automatically detects the most common singlemode (1310 nm or 1550 nm) and multimode (850 nm) wavelengths. The device’s unique non-contact large area input port accepts both UPC and APC connectors.
The Singlemode MultiFiber Pro also offers other industry-leading capabilities in the areas of:

  • Loss measurement accuracy
  • Ease of setup for polarity or fiber count
  • Polarity-agnostic referencing
  • Cleanable test ports
  • Both singlemode and multimode compatibility, and
  • Auto-detection of 12/10/8 fiber MPO links with no setup or configuration required Read More »

Contractors and Installers can cut Testing Time in Half with the OptiFiber Pro OTDR with the new SmartLoop capability

Bi-directional fiber testing has traditionally been a lengthy process, requiring     traveling some distance to the far end of the fiber or taking equipment into hazardous or difficult-to-access areas. The SmartLoop OTDR is the industry’s first product to test two separate fiber links in a single test. Not only does this eliminate the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform tests, it also cuts network testing time by 50 percent.
The SmartLoop OTDR uses patent-pending algorithms to automatically separate fibers for individual pass/fail analysis and display, further enhancing the ease and speed of testing, especially in environments where the far end is difficult or dangerous to reach. With the SmartLoop OTDR, fiber optic cabling installers and contractors can reduce the time they spend onsite and avoid losing or damaging their test equipment.
SmartLoop OTDR is an addition to the OptiFiber Pro OTDR and is part of the free Versiv 3.0 firmware download.  Read More »