Not only will this ensure that your network is in compliance with copper certification industry standards, but it will also ensure that the network owner is sufficiently protected while placing the network in the best possible position for future optimisation.

Copper testing is a vital process in evolving copper cable networks. These networks are always developing and growing, and in order to optimise these networks effectively one needs to test the network to identify its weaknesses. As a result, this testing is not simply reserved for new networks. On the contrary, it is crucial that old copper cable networks are regularly tested in order to constantly develop and upgrade. Therefore, testing is an extremely important process if you are concerned about the well being and efficiency of your network, and a process that should not be overlooked.

   A closer look at certification

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                                   DSX SERIES                CIQ-100               MS2-100

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Copper testing is also a crucial process in terms of troubleshooting your network. In this sense testers are not only used to certify installation, meaning the technician has evidence that the network has been established which he may then present to the network owner, but they are also used to pinpoint specific problems. Once these problems have been identified they can be easily rectified. In another sense, there is no doubt that technology is constantly evolving. This constant growth means that there is now a greater need, especially in business, to keep current and up to date with the latest developments in copper certification and testing.

We supply testing products which speed up the certification process towards acceptance. In addition, these products always allow you to have control and manage multiple projects at one time. Ultimately, this superior control and design ensures that one can get the desired job done right the first time. This conserves time, saves money and eliminates unnecessary errors.

At Bitrate we have an extensive range of world-class copper cable testing products. Take a look through our available testing tools in order to choose the right option for you, or contact Bitrate for further information.