It is imperative that your fibre optic cable meets these standards; predominately because of its increasing links to business and industry. If these standards are effectively met then a network owner may expect to combat network downtime and profit loss and, in turn, improvement in network connectivity and stability.

Therefore, fibre optic cable testing and certification is a crucial component in the development of a successful, robust and reliable network. Effective fibre cable testing will result in reduced costs, increased productivity and, ultimately, an improved, more reliable network.

Reliable fibre infrastructure is essential if one wishes to strive towards a competent network. It all boils down to the installation and maintenance of the network. It should be effectively monitored in order to troubleshoot any problems that might arise in the optic fibre cabling system. These issues, whether related to connectivity or efficiency, can then be removed from the network, resulting in further network optimisation.

It is not simply important to regularly test your optic fibre cabling, it is fundamental. A network that goes untested will never develop to its full potential, and as technology and future systems are developed, the untested network will ultimately be left behind.

For fibre optic cable certification, testing and optimisation browse through our selection of “next generation” optic-test kits in order to truly optimise your fibre cabling network. Perform multiple tasks, from the analysis of power levels and loss, to the inspection and cleaning of connector ends. We have so much confidence in our optic-fibre testing kits that we are proud to say that they have been hailed as the best first-line test kits on the market.

Optimise your network, adhere to industry standards and troubleshoot inconvenient connectivity issues with these highly reputable fibre cable testing kits.

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