With double the speed of past models, the Versiv family is a collection of powerful testers with innovative features which get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not only does the Versiv family accelerate the certification process but these tools also error proofs every step of the certification process. Versiv tracks the certification process, from set-up to system acceptance.

In addition, these tools also speed up troubleshooting, eliminate testing errors and make the set-up process simple and manageable. As with most business, the faster the process of set-up and system acceptance goes the more likely your business is to be profitable.

To put this in perspective: Research has shown that 90% of contractors have reported issues regarding set-up, reporting and testing on a monthly basis. If these reports contain seven or more issues then it all adds up to approximately a week’s worth of labour lost. Therefore, it is extremely important to certify your copper and fibre cabling if you wish to maintain efficiency in your business.

The Versiv family minimises this amount of downtime, speeds up the certification process and ultimately increases profitability and productivity.

For additional information regarding the Versiv family or to enquire about the availability of Versiv products contact Bitrate.