Every now and then a network may experience a series of issues and when this happens troubleshooting tools are required to identify the problem and re-establish the network as quickly as possible in order to decrease downtime and profit loss.

The difficulty arises because a network never reaches a point of maturity, a point where it ceases to develop. Networks are constantly changing, growing and evolving. This evolution is great for the development of new business applications and for speeding up and optimising the network, but it also generates a series of new problems which may hinder network stability, connectivity and security.

In order to avoid the adverse effects of a network crash troubleshooting tools are used to constantly monitor and analyse a network. In the case that a network does go down, troubleshooting tools are also used to identify the source of the problem and fix the connection as quickly as possible.

At Bitrate we offer a wide variety of Fluke Networks troubleshooting tools. These tools are globally recognised as market leaders and are more than capable of identifying connectivity issues in any business network.

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