A fantastic selection of network tools begs the question, which tool is best for me and my business? This can be problematic and selecting the right tool can be difficult because pouring over product specifications and features is not exactly a time saver.

Fluke Networks has taken the selection process a step further by developing a tool which indicates which product is best for you according to your specific needs, making the process of selecting your Fluke Networks cable and network tester more convenient and enjoyable.

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The tool provides a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to product selection. Simply follow these steps to find the tester which will be best for you:

  1. Select a category from the right-hand tab (eg. Cable Testing)
  2. Tick the box which corresponds with your desired needs in the sub-categories (eg. Bandwidth Application Testing and Touchscreen User Interface)
  3. Take note of the “Best Option” (Eg. Versiv – DSX CableAnalyser)
  4. Tick the boxes under the products which you wish to compare and click “Compare Selected Products”
  5. Compare features, print the comparison or click “Where to Buy” to track down your selected product

This tool should make the selection process quick and easy. However, if you are confused about a certain product or feature, of if you require additional information or advice, contact us at Bitrate to purchase your desired tool.