Fluke Networks is excited to announce a new campaign, Your Network Expert, offering a broad range of network solutions at very attractive promotional prices optimally tailored to help you with Installing, Verifying, Certifying, Testing or Troubleshooting your network.

Cable installers and contractors cannot afford downtime on an installation certification job and need a certification tool they can depend on, from a company they can rely on. With the new DTX bundles, including Gold Membership, cable installers and contractors can acquire the instrument with the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry at an attractive promotional price. With our Fiber QuickMap – available at a new price – you can get immediate visibility into the most common causes of failure and poor performance in datacenter fiber networks.

Network technicians nowadays need to quickly resolve connectivity issues with devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones and Access Points to prevent that the network users’ productivity goes down. With the new Network Troubleshooting value kits, more of the team can solve issues faster and with less frustration. In case you are deploying wireless network; the security, performance and compliance of your wireless networks can be ensured with Fluke Networks’ Wi-Fi solutions.

Keep an eye on our website for more promotional information and save up to 20% on your purchases!