Network Navigator function means engineers no longer have to mentally visualize connections and can resolve issues in a fraction of the time

EVERETT, Wash. – October 16, 2012Fluke Networks today announced a new version of the OptiView® XG v9 network analysis tablet that provides network professionals with an intuitive, graphical view of network infrastructure to help speed root cause identification and resolve issues fast. With two thirds of network engineers troubleshooting unfamiliar infrastructure*, the new Network Navigator capability reduces the time it takes to understand network issues by instantly and simply displaying network topology and problems.

“Having a clear view of who is plugged into what in the network is a constant challenge,” said Tony Fortunato, senior network performance specialist at The Technology Firm, a network design, implementation and troubleshooting consultancy. “Prior to OptiView XG v9, we had to mentally visualize those connections, which made the discovery process more complicated. Now we can simply click and the Network Navigator draws a line to the server or other device and allows us to logically and physically follow the connections and drill down further for additional details. It essentially allows us to start troubleshooting during the discovery phase, which dramatically accelerates our ability to fix problems and reduces troubleshooting time by at least 50 percent.”

Adrian Griffis, network administrator for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, is also benefitting from the new OptiView XG’s simplified troubleshooting capabilities. “When we have network problems, our main priority is to identify if it’s a network or application issue as fast as possible. Having a portable solution we can take into the field helps, but being able to quickly interpret the information it gathers is just as important to resolving issues fast. The new Network Navigator dramatically simplifies this process and gives us a visual representation so we can instantly see the path and determine speed and utilization. This means my team can troubleshoot faster and provide a better level of service.”

The new version of OptiView XG also includes new in-line testing that eliminates the need for an external tap or span port when observing conversations between clients and application servers. This delivers fast and exact insights into real time traffic flows, and visibility into client/server conversations without the need for packet capture and port spanning. If detailed packet analysis is required, the in-line function captures all full line-rate speed, assuring complete analysis. In addition, the product’s existing network virtualization feature has been enhanced, increasing the visibility into new virtualized architecture, which improves workflow in data center environments.

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* According to Fluke Networks market research.