FNET Field Agent XU49, we have new assignment for you. Proceed with this communique only if you can handle significant advantages.

Your mission
On 23rd of January 2017, at exactly 16.00 hrs. Central European time, you will log onto a special – super secret – webinar. One that has been created to give the casual observer the appearance of an ordinary Fluke Networks 25th Anniversary Global Celebration. Indeed, you may also think of it as ordinary – just like any other Fluke Networks 25th Anniversary Global Webinar. But you will know that this is just a facade, and you will know how to take advantage.
25th Ann

Indeed, it was just 25 years ago that Fluke Networks was first brought into existence. Now your time has come. You will log on to the special Fluke Networks 25 Anniversary Global Webinar using the special code words and pass algorithms detailed below.

First part of your mission: As one of our important agents in the field, you will want to know what we will communicate to the more than 500 network installation professionals that we will address with special announcements, so make sure you are there!
Second part of your mission: You yourself also know a lot of network installation professionals – your second part of the mission is to communicate our message to as many of them as you deem fit to hear it as well (we know you know best who to select). For this, we will allow you to use attached message that will also be sent by HQ.

You will witness how Fluke Networks intends to mark this important milestone and how that marking will dramatically affect the network installation business in the future.

You will then use this knowledge to increase your profitability as important agent in the Field.

Good luck, and look good.

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