Khipu Networks, global provider of Cyber Security Solutions across, and Bitrate, distributor of cutting-edge network technologies, today announce their partnership in providing secure network access control through their partnership with Bradford Networks.

Working together with existing customers and enterprise prospects, the partnership ensures that the strength of networks across South Africa increases exponentially by providing a flexible, versatile solution that provides the ability to have complete visibility of one’s network. With the increased number of devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones that need to be centrally-managed on networks across the country, automation and visibility of what is happening on existing networks is imperative in providing a safe, secure network for both organisations and end-users alike.

Working in partnership with Bradford Networks, Khipu Networks and Bitrate will be able to provide a network access control solution for both wired and wireless access that is able to:

  • Support all types of devices (desktop, mobile, IoT) connecting to the network
  • Little or no network re-design
  • Not be reliant on a particular wired or wireless vendor
  • Utilise a proven out-of-band architecture that scales and does not require server in each location
  • Automate registration and onboarding
  • Enforce security policies for use cases ranging from network access control to endpoint containment

‘The key to this partnership, as we see it, is Network Sentry’s ability to complement some of our existing security products. The integration, for example, with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls, makes the NAC solution all that much more valuable.’ – Jeroen Dubbleman, Managing Director, Bitrate

For years Bradford Networks has been working on providing Network Access solutions around the world to various large scale networks with key accounts in the USA, Europe, Asia and now Africa. With ransomware, phishing attacks and malware running wild across the globe, the launch of this partnership could not have come at a better time in South Africa as banks, government departments, universities, schools and even retailers are actively in the crosshairs of cyber criminals.

‘As a Network Security company, what we strive for is giving our customers visibility, access and control of their networks, by partnering with Bitrate, we feel that we are able to offer this to a wider scope of customers across South Africa and hopefully Africa.’ – Matt Ashman, Director, Khipu Networks

Network Sentry is the first network security offering that automatically identifies and profiles all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. The solution provides automatic registration of the user’s device(s) the first time they connect to the network. If the user / device is valid, the system then enforces an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and security compliance check including ensuring that virus and spyware protection is present and up-to-date. Devices without the proper security settings are remediated with simple instructions to ‘self-fix’ their device before being granted network access. The mobile devices are then able to roam the network without having to re-register.

‘We are beyond excited about our expanding Network Sentry into South Africa, we have had a long standing relationship with Khipu Networks and to now have Bitrate on board can only bode well for the security of networks across South Africa.’ – Gary Mead, International Sales, Bradford Networks

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