Webcast: 23 May at 10.00 CET



Webcast: 23 May at 10.00 CET
The principles of managing VoIP
performance in corporate networks

I can’t hear you….

VoIP offers significant costs benefits, but it also adds a new set of challenges to managing network performance.Register

If you understand the principles behind implementing voice as a packet based service, problem solving becomes much more straightforward.

After listening to network engineers, we’ve developed a short webinar to explain the principles of VoIP performance management. It looks at the reasons quality issues occur and presents a systematic process for tackling them, as well as looking at network optimisation and user education.

If you’d like to find out more, please join our webinar with Fluke Networks expert Roger Holder, which presents best practice in implementing and troubleshooting VoIP.

You’ll learn:

The issues that can arise in VoIP and the reasons for them
A five-stage process for VoIP implementation
How to troubleshoot problems and optimise your converged network.

We do hope you can join us


23 May at 10.00 CET
30 minutes presentation
15 minutes Q&A