Big Monitoring Fabric Inline is the Next-Generation Security Services Broker, enabling Scale-out DMZ Protection and Rapid Attack Mitigation.


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Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) Inline offers a simple, scale-out method for deploying security tools in the DMZ and creating on-demand service chains. Its controller-based, software defined networking (SDN) design accelerates high-performance attack mitigation and enables organizations to deploy countermeasures in response to cyber threats.

Big Mon Inline provides the centralizing fabric needed for organizations to rollout a consistent, organization-wide DMZ security posture. Security teams now have a single pane interface to build and manage scale-out security tool chains. Multiple active, inline tools can be deployed logically inline, in defined sequence, and receive only the traffic of interest to each. Other non-security tools, such as web-proxies, can also take advantage of Big Mon Inline for rapid, non-intrusive inline deployment.

Big Monitoring Fabric Inline Deployment

All service chaining rules, including filtering, tool delivery sequence, and terabit-scale blocking, are programmed through the controller. Multiple tools can be deployed inline, policies can be uniformly rolled out, and troubleshooting can be done with a few clicks. Change management is simplified, as tool configuration changes can be made in software, without impacting network uptime.

Big Mon Inline delivers the most intelligent, agile, and flexible DMZ security architecture, with capabilities including:

Service Chaining

Place tools logically inline and define service chains, where each tool receives active traffic in defined sequence.

Flow Selection

Big Mon allows granular control of traffic delivery to each tool. L2-L4 filtering as well as deeper packet matching (DPM) ensures only traffic of interest is delivered to each tool, which boosts tool efficiency.

Advanced Packet Handling

Big Mon Service Nodes can be introduced to inline tool chains for deep packet inspection via regex matching. Inline Service Nodes support tool interaction for rapid programming and response.

Management Interfaces

The controller’s rich, drag-and-drop graphical user interface offers analytics and alerting for real time traffic insight. REST APIs enable integration with security tools and security workflows for dynamic, actionable operations.


Big Mon supports multi-tenancy and monitoring as service. Multiple groups and functions can share the fabric, while maintaining isolation and other policy-based access requirements.

Fabric Resiliency

Big Mon’s resilient mesh design ensures continuous visibility and traffic deliver for all tools.

Big Mon Inline enables data center security teams to deploy, defend, scale and innovate DMZ security faster. NetOps and SecOps teams can now simplify and accelerate shared change management. Big Mon Inline, along with high-performance service nodes and security tools, forms a powerful BigSecure Architecture for enabling dynamic cyber-defense in the DMZ with Terabit-scale attack mitigation capability.

Deploy faster

  • Auto-discovery and configuration of Big Mon service chaining nodes
  • Service chaining policies are programmed from a single interface
  • Simplified change management for NetOps/SecOps


Defend faster

  • REST APIs for tool and workflow integration and automation (event triggered monitoring, alerts, and tool interactions)
  • Attack mitigation at terabit scale, automated or user-driven, with BigSecure Architecture


Scale and innovate faster

  • Zero-touch scale out fabric
  • Changes to traffic delivery policies can be made without any physical reconfiguration of tools or service chaining nodes
  • Add inline tools without impacting network operation
  • Scale tool bandwidth via fabric-based tool load balancing
  • Reprogram policies in real time based on newly discovered threats

Big Mon Inline shares the same controller as Big Mon Out-of-Band, which enables all tools (active and passive) to be managed from a single pane of glass. Security teams now have the intelligence, agility and flexibility they need to defend the DMZ and respond and adapt in real time to attacks and emerging threats.