At Bitrate, Our partners are our number one focus. What it means to partner with us?


At Bitrate, we believe in long term relationships with our partners. So not 2, 5, 8 years but 20 year relationships, are what we strive for. Bitrate is a stickler for ethical conduct, good service and excellence when dealing with our partners.

Our partners are the foundation of our business and we value them as priority number one! Please contact us to start the journey!





We help PROTECT the work of our Partners

We all know how painful it is when the hard work one does is simply snatched by another entity in the channel. This often happens with the vendor behind the process. Bitrate works hard to eliminate these types of scenarios’ and negotiates with the vendor, partner and end customer to ensure that the hard work is rewarded fairly. Every solution has a separate deal registration process which Bitrate helps to manage with all stakeholders.


We help develop business for our Partners

Bitrate does not only supply product and solutions. We also market our solutions and create campaigns to do lead generation on behalf of our partners. Bitrate will do a number of events every year to create more awareness of our solutions with our partners. Many of our partners seek our help in developing their opportunities, which we are honored to help with.





We help our Partners grow every step of the way

Our focus is on helping our partners grow. We help our partners diversify in order to better service their clients with more solutions/service offerings. The key, is to help them help their clients.


We do skills transfer or provide skills.
This is entirely up to you

The solutions Bitrate provides give great value to the industry but they are often complex to pitch, supply and commission. Bitrate helps partners get a grip of this process with tips, documentation and training. Often, the training by suppliers is exorbitantly expensive for the African market. Bitrate finds ways in order to drastically reduce these costs to the benefit of the partner.

Bitrate also supplies professional services should the partner not want to invest in a particular skill.