Cyber Security Penetration Testing Tools – Use Your Time More Affectively With Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It Is Not Just A Vulnerability Scan! You Get Automated Penetration Testing. You get more than Metasploit!

For Web or IP Hosts, external or internal testing

Using an OWASP based Web Host PenTest report to demonstrate security posture for compliance and your ease of mind!

  • Simple To understand security posture score
  • Simple to understand remediation process
  • What is critical & requires attention now
  • Get automated exploits
  • Less False Positives

Be Sure Of Your Organisations IT-Security Posture. Know What You Don’t Know!

Supports Overloaded “Human” Pen-Testers & “Ease Of Use” For Cyber Security Engineers.

Penetration Testing With Machine Learning Intelligence! Reduce Cost & Time With Robototic White Hat Hackers. Make sure “YOU” control the Exploit process and ensure only your company has access to your sensitive information.

Let the Bot Do The Work, You Can Present The Intelligence & Get The Credit.

  • Continuous Test With Automatically Updated Ethical Hacking Techniques.
  • Short Accurate Reports With Actionable Remediation
  • More than 65 000 Vulnerabilities & 36 000 plugins
  • Continuously protect your IT environment
  • Reduce the cost of security validation
  • NO false-positives
  • OWASP capable

You get the added advantage of the following reports:

  • Asset auto-discovery
  • Vulnerability Mining
  • Vulnerability Exploit
  • Risk Prioritisation

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Intelligent Security Validation Robot

Bitrate is changing this game with Robotic Penetration Testing, an intelligent security validation Robot. The Pen-Testing Bot is modelled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. It acts like a real attacker, relentlessly locating exploits and documents their findings for later testing. The Bots automate penetration testing, making it affordable with the ability to run at scale. They work within a defined scope and instantly updates to address highly complex IT structures.