Top Of Class Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Be Sure Of Your Organisations IT-Security Stance. Know What You Don’t Know!

Penetration Testing With Machine Learning Intelligence! Reduce Cost & Time With Robototic Hackers.

Let the Bot Do The Work, You Can Present The Intelligence.

  • Continuous Test With An Automatically Updated Ethical Hacking Techniques.
  • Short Accurate Reports With Actionable Remediation
  • Reduce the cost of security validation
  • Continuously protect the IT environment
  • More than 65 000 plugins

Asset auto-discovery

Vulnerability Mining

Vulnerability Exploit

Risk Prioritization


Intelligent Security Validation Robot

Ridge Security is changing this game with RidgeBot, an intelligent security validation Robot. RidgeBot is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. RidgeBot acts like a real attacker, relentlessly locate exploits and documents their findings. RidgeBot automates penetration testing, making it affordable with the ability to run at scale. They work within a defined scope and instantly replicates to address highly complex structures