Cable and Antenna Tester

Cable and Antenna Tester

  • Cable and Antenna analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Terminal RF Power Meter and RF In-Line Digital Power Meter Function
  • Cable and Antenna analyzer function: Frequency range:1MHz to 4.4GHz, Dynamic Rang up to 60dB
  • Spectrum Analyzer function: Frequency range:300MHz to 4GHz, Dynamic Rang up to 100dB
  • Cable and Antenna analyzer function and Spectrum Analyzer function share port test
  • Suitable for 2G/3G/4G/WiMAX system etc.
  • Intelligent limit /marker /curve calculations
  • More than 8 hours long battery life
  • 7 inch color LCD touch screen
  • Optimized batch file management: edit/delete/filter
  • Excellent Man-Machine interface for easy operation


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Product Description

ShinewayTech CAA-100A cable & antenna analyzer with spectrum analyzer can test

DTF/Frequency Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, RF Power and Spectrum. CAA-100A integrates two functions: cable and antenna measurements and spectrum analysis. Cable and antenna analyzer with frequency range 1MHz – 4.4GHz and 60dB dynamic range can suitable for 2G/3G/4G/WiMAX system etc.

The spectrum analysis module supports frequency of 300MHz-4GHz and 100dB dynamic range. CAA-100A series is essential measuring instrument for testing new generation of wireless network and indoor signal distribution.