Observer Apex

  • Easy-to-use interface and streamlined dashboard creation minimizes training time and maximizes ROI
  • Simple, intuitive launch page provides for anytime, anywhere visibility and troubleshooting
  • Out-of-the-box workflows deliver actionable insight into network, application, and UC performance to reduce finger pointing – in three steps or less
  • On-Demand application dependency mapping for easy-to-create, fast multi-tier application visibility with no configuration required
  • True filter-to-resolution analysis reveals root cause with intelligent, contextual insight
  • Generate ad-hoc connection dynamic ladder diagrams without thick client giving instant, in-depth views into conversations and key metrics for reduced MTTR
  • Accelerated dashboard and performance reporting with optimized hardware and metadata collection aggregates critical information for faster resolution
  • Browser-based access to network conversations through advanced trace extraction makes sharing critical packet-level data simple, maximizing team collaboration
  • Custom dashboard builder enables logical, aggregated, user-defined views into service delivery health and status
  • Baselining and reporting tools help visualize long-term trends and historical perspectives of any monitored KPI
  • Flexible solution integration takes the hassle out of sharing data with complementary IT functions, like event management and security threat mitigation


Product Description

Apex and the Observer Platform family of products are also ideally suited for satisfying business goals and overcoming challenges across the entire IT enterprise lifecycle – whether deploying new technologies, managing current resources, solving service anomalies, or optimizing IT asset usage.

Here are several examples:


  • Benchmark Technologies: Access long-term historical traffic so that IT teams can determine that overall performance objectives can be met
  • Manage
  • Service Delivery: Track lines of business and applications end-to end to validate internal service level agreements and app availability
  • Solve
  • Ensuring User Experience: Isolate problem domain, identify root cause, and fix issue
  • Optimize
  • Network Consumption: Easily breakout traffic types and usage patterns so that link utilization can be tuned for optimal performance

Observer Apex offers a smart, search-based launch page that intelligently interprets users’ inputs, guiding them to one of three pre-engineered workflows to solve most IT service issues in less than three steps.


Observer Apex provides a centralized vantage point for performance monitoring and troubleshooting across all the Observer Platform. Begin at the Apex launch page with pre-engineered network, application, and unified communications (UC) workflows. Search by whatever variable or KPI is underperforming. Then, the predictive intelligence of Apex is designed to automatically narrow to the right workflow, and isolate root cause in three steps (or less).

Combining IT operational metrics that span the largest IT environments, Apex delivers an out-of-box experience like no other network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solution on the market. You get the actionable data you need to maintain comprehensive IT service awareness or rapidly troubleshoot without anything more than a single search input.