OTS-Multi-purpose Optical Talk Sets

OTS-Multi-purpose Optical Talk Sets

Single fiber, full duplex
Digital voice coding and decoding process to guarantee
high-quality speech
Multi-function, providing both stabilized laser source
and optical power meter
Large memory capacity (3200 measurements)
PC software available for testing data collection and
report generation
Multiparty communication to extend the communication
Together with Optical Clip-On Coupler, realizing online
Compact size, lightweight, and damp, dust, shock proof
Dual-way power supply system, auto recharging
Auto off function conserving battery life
CE, FCC, FDA certificates

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Product Description

Multi-purpose Optical Talk Sets
An effective tool for field communication and test

The OTS-20/30 series are highly efficient tools for optical network field work, that
integrate the functions of digital optical phone, stabilized laser source and optical power meter (for
OTS-30 only) in one set. They are full duplex, portable, intelligent and multi-functional.
Designed to fully embody the user’ s needs in mind, the OTS-20/30 series can be widely used in optical
fiber networks of digital data, telecommunication and cable TV for engineering construction, checking
& testing, maintenance as well as optical fiber attenuation measurement.
With the functions of stabilized laser source and optical power meter, they can help the engineers at
any two given points to complete the field testing within the shortest time. They are highly praised
for its excellent quality, value and all-in-one feature.