ST206-Telephone line Tester

ST206 – Telephone Line Tester

  •  Scan line function: ST206 can quickly find the needed line among many disordered lines.
  •  Test cable type: network cable, twisted pair cable, telephone line.
  •  When switchboard is with weak electricity, ST206 can also check the line.
  • Test line function: easy to accurately test the RJ45 line sequence.
  •  You can use earphone to scan line under noisy environment.
  •  Flashlight function on receiver is convenient to scan in the dark environment.
  •  Line status test: ST206 can detect the open or short circuit status.
  •  Voltage polarity detection: ST206 can test the positive and negative of DC voltage in the line.
  •  Volume (mm): receiver (26*36*177); emitter (24*42*135)
  •  Weight: 145g
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Product Description

Detect Network Wire Sequence

1. Push function switchover button on emitter to the position of “TEST”. When the red status indicator flashes, it means that you already enter into this function.

2. Insert the network wire which two ends are both RJ45, into the corresponding ports of emitter and receiver.

3. Check the lighted sequence of LEDs of receiver. If the lighted sequence is same as the network cable’s wire sequence, the sequence is right; otherwise, the wire sequence is wrong.

Short Circuit and Open Circuit Test

1. Push function switchover button on emitter to the position of “SCAN”. When the status indicator turns to red, voltage indicator “+ -”bright, it means that you already enter into short circuit and open circuit testing function

2. Choose a line firstly. Clamp two copper wire sections respectively by crocodile clamps of emitter. In case of short circuit, then the voltage indicator light of emitter “+ -” will be extinct. If the indicator is light, it means open circuit.


Do not scan line under strong electricity!

Under voltage polarity detection, the detected voltage cannot exceed 48V.

ST206 cable tracker can scan line, test line, with voltage polarity detection and short circuit indication function. It is good assistant of line installation and maintenance engineer. This product is applied to the communication lines and the ordinary family wiring. It can improve the wiring efficiency of engineers and also can improve the line working progress.