In a difficult economic context, the organizations interviewed in our survey consider their IT department as a support function for their core business. For half of them, infrastructure projects find their motivation in improving the user productivity and reducing costs.

We notice that:

  • 57% of the organizations have requested to their IT team to provide more services with less resources
  • 39% have experienced a IT budget decrease in 2010
  • 32% have experienced headcount cuts (at the company level)
  • 67% had spent their entire IT budget for the year 2010 before October.

The main mission of the network & infrastructure teams is to provide all users with a high quality of service in terms of access to the applications and network availability. To achieve this, much work has already been engaged such as:

  • VOIP has been deployed in 57% of the organizations interviewed
  • Virtualization has been adopted by a vast majority of them (72%)
  • Visio conference is used by 28% of them.

Despite an unfavorable economic context, IT managers have to conduct improvement & optimization projects to reduce operating costs (e.g. implementation of visioconference to reduce travel expenses).

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