Granular visibility into sophisticated storage solution enhances root cause support, reduces downtime, supports FlexPod reference architecture.

ScienceLogic™ Inc. announced the industry’s most comprehensive and automated management and monitoring support for NetApp Storage. ScienceLogic’s award-winning data center and cloud management platform now provides service providers and enterprises with granular, multi-tenant visibility into their NetApp Storage environments, helping them to pinpoint the source of bottlenecks, resolve service-impacting issues quickly and efficiently, and understand the impact of storage issues on the business. This latest update also enhances ScienceLogic’s existing monitoring capabilities for NetApp’s FlexPod reference architecture, providing a single solution to monitor all components that make up the FlexPod, enabling discrete availability, performance, and exceptions to be assessed in context with each other for more rapid troubleshooting and analysis.

Because multi-tenancy is uniquely built into the ScienceLogic platform from the ground up, NetApp performance data is automatically understood in business context. As a result, service providers are able to see the impact of a service degradation or outage on a specific customer or set of customers, and enterprises can see the specific business applications or services that are impacted by a NetApp outage.


“ScienceLogic helps us get to the next level of monitoring by holistically growing the storage product catalog we are able to provide for our customers,” said Chris DeBrunner, support service manager at CBTS, a leading cloud and managed services provider and ScienceLogic customer. “The updated NetApp capabilities, combined with the multitenancy we already leverage in the ScienceLogic management platform, gives us better insight into our storage solutions and shows the impact of storage performance on our customers.”

“Data is only important if you can understand what to do with it,” said Jeremy Sherwood, product manager for cloud, virtualization, and storage management at ScienceLogic. “For monitoring and management tools, data collection is a given. The true value for our customers is our ability to put the data in context and make it actionable and meaningful, not just for IT operations but also for the business. The ScienceLogic NetApp management solution is unique because it automatically and intelligently discovers, maps, and monitors all storage infrastructure components and then aligns those components in relationship with each other and to specific IT services and customer impact.”

The ScienceLogic platform integrates the core IT infrastructure management functions needed to run today’s complex, distributed computing infrastructures – including systems, performance, network, service, event, and asset management capabilities, as well as run book automation and service desk – all in one product with one unified code base, user interface and centralized data repository. This provides a constantly updated picture of service quality across heterogeneous technologies, as well as physical, virtual, and cloud computing resources. As a result, the product helps organizations maintain optimal application performance, become more agile and responsive, mitigate the risk of change, and focus on more strategic differentiators versus simply running IT projects.