Secure Remote Access & Data Security

The plan is to help you find the most effective way to become secure and impliment PoPIA or GDPR compliance while your users interact with your data.

You can do this by keeping your data on-premise or in private cloud. Yet your enterprise still can do this by keeping your data off PC or mobile devices while giving users secure browser based access. This simple to install solution gives remote access to your files & applications to any browser.

No VPN is required to be installed as this secure clienteles SSL protects you with complete control of your data. Use your ZTNA (zero trust network access) in conjunction with SparkView in order to ensure the simplest possible architecture.

If you find Excel, Word & Powerpoint costs too Excessive! Check Out OnlyOffice, It provides a super secure office suite which is compatible with all conventional formats.

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Download – 8 Reasons To Consider Smart Secure Remote Access

Please see Beyond SSL for more information.