We invite you and your colleagues to attend our VSS Monitoring Seminar

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Join Mikko Kiukkanen, VSS Monitoring EMEA Regional Sales Manager, to understand the differences between Network TAPS and Network Packet Brokers; as well as how to optimise  the effectiveness of your network security and performance tools while reducing costs.



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What you will learn:
• How to achieve effective monitoring of application and network performance, through optimal tool efficiency
• How to optimise your security devices like IPS, IDS and firewalls
• How Network Packet Brokers can reduce network downtime and churn
• How to manage network upgrades (e.g. 1→10→40G Ethernet) and their impact on supporting infrastructure (monitoring, security, etc).

Who should attend:
• Service providers, government agencies and enterprises who utilise IT tools for network performance monitoring or security intelligence.
• CIO’s, CTO’s, CSO’s and IT Managers

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Tuesday7 Novemeber 2012

Focus Rooms
The Core, 1st Floor South
SunninghillCape Town
Thursday 29 November 2012
11h00 – 13h30

Upper East Side Hotel
Brickfield Road,



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