Is the safety of your critical assets in your virtual environment keeping you up at night? This is worth reading!

Most enterprise organisations are learning that preventive security methods are not realistically blocking all attacks or threats. Therefore it becomes ever more clear that the IT Teams are alerted and able to review a chain of evidence of new threats. This is required in order to reduce possible loss of data resulting in financial loss, whether due to compliance, loss of intelectual property or reputation.

Many attacks no longer operate in the “smash and grab” mode, and instead bypass perimeter based security systems and use internal reconnaissance in “stealth” mode. This provides the attacker the opportunity to dig in deeper into the entire deployment and also scan for more assets to control. While all organizations have perimeter security and at times end-point security for critical servers and desktop (with security agents), they lag behind in protecting their mission critical “internals” once the threat is inside and is moving laterally in the east-west direction. New vulnerabilities are being discovered daily and a clear understanding and baseline of your environment holding your critical assets is necessary in order to see new threats before they impact your organisation.

In summary UILA virtual security provides:

  • Agentless Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • Application-centric Lateral Movement Threat Detection
  • Anomalous Application Behavior
  • Conclusive Chain of Evidence for any Threat
  • Lateral Movement Traffic Analysis

Download the Uila Security Brochure here