The process of infrastructure testing is one which has become a critical process in the ever changing IT landscape. Nowadays it is imperative that each component in your infrastructural system is thoroughly tested in order to ensure that all deficiencies are located and corrected. Make sure you experience the best total cost of ownership! Being blinded by legacy brand names can be a costly mistake.

Without effective infrastructure testing:

  • System failures can occur without warning
  • Ineffectual audits will have a severe impact on maintenance and compliance costs
  • Late detection requires pricey corrections
  • Inconsistent results due to poor standardisation

Infrastructure testing is a relatively new term which refers to the testing of IT infrastructure. This infrastructure is generally made up of different components which are used to provide the end-user with innate functionalities. These functionalities are provided and processed by a user interface.

An example of this innate functionality would be a mail server interface. This server will communicate with surrounding applications while the user interface allows the user to send a mail at the same time. Despite the fact that the interface is not part if the IT infrastructure, the mail application can still be used to test whether the mail server in configured correctly, ensuring that systems are properly implemented.

The components of IT infrastructure testing may also refer to a number of software solutions or hardware appliances. However, these components could also refer to aspects of the infrastructure which may be invisible to the end-user such as firewalls, network switches and wireless routers.

However, this is quite specific and a more globally accepted definition of infrastructure testing would be to perform a test activity, resulting from the setup or intervention of hardware, software or network components which are essential to the performance of the infrastructural platform in an effort to assure that applications are managed and controlled effectively.

At Bitrate we offer a variety of infrastructure testing options.

These include cable testing options such as:

  • Fibre testing & Splicing
  • Copper cable testing

Ensure that your IT infrastructure is robust and capable, so that your infrastructure can effectively handle any challenges; despite the constantly morphing IT landscape. Optimise your infrastructure and ensure that you are ready to deliver, in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure can handle whatever you throw at it.

For further information about infrastructure testing, advice, or even a professional infrastructure test, contact Bitrate where we have a wealth of expertise and infrastructure testing options to suit your specific needs.