Network Monitoring, Network Troubleshooting, analysis and management is a broad subject but from the Bitrate point of view network monitoring and management essentially has to deliver value to the organisation at the lowest possible TCO.

Colectively the organisations network monitoring, analysis and management suite of solutions should cater for the following:

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Applications today make up the critical glue that helps our organisation tick. The solution must be able to understand the intracacies of how the applications form the organisations business services.

Bitrate’s solution set includes:

  • Solutions for understanding NetFlow which helps the organisation understan capacity planning and who/what is using the bandwidth
  • Solutions that help with in-depth developer level troubleshooting in order to reduce MTTR.
  • Deep packet inspection in order to help understand application performance and to truelly understand all applications from a security perspective

Application Aware Monitoring Application Aware Security

The solution set that the organisation uses should incorporate multiple data imports including:

  • Inline (via TAPS) or span packet capture and deep packet inspection
  • WMA
  • SNMP including utilisation, cpu, video, voice, storage etc
  • Syslog
  • VoIP/video analysis

Finger pointing is well known in the IT industry but with the correct monitoring in place all stake holders are on the same page. The responsible entity just gets down to their duty faster.


This is probably the most important aspect of the solution. The network monitoring and management solution should be able to provide value to the business daily.

If the solution monitors all applications in an organisation and intricately understands each tier within each application then it could be used to determine efficiencies of processes and efficency of delivery to end users or clients. This will be used in the organisation “continuous service improvement” or CSI projects.

The data gleaned should be used to determine where organisational investment should be made, for example; in the network or in the data centre infrustructure. Once the investment is made it should be possible to use the solution to record the improvement.

Often the wireless LAN is forgotten in the monitoring solution but this is an aspect of many networks that is growing imensely. Wireless LAN also happens to be the area of the networks that experiences the most issues. Added to this is the security around wireless LAN is most often forgotten but it is the most vulnerable. Why? Because wireless is accesable whereever there is signal!

Have a look at our wireless solutions.

Airmagnet Enterprise (24/7 wireless monitoring)

Intrusion prevention 24X 7 WiFi Security PCI Automated Threat Update BYOD Mobile solution Enterprise wide solution 802.11ac

There are many challenges around deep packet inspection and network recording. These include; span port contention, monitoring equipment not able to cope with traffic load, multiple tools needing access, security of data, geographically dispersed and many more.

Essentially network engineers, monitoring departments and security teams all need access to traffic within the network environment. The network monitoring and management solution needs a foundation which provides this with ease. Gartner calls this solution a “Network Packet Broker”.

Network Packet Broker