Instantly Map Your Wired & Wireless Topology

See your network as it is NOW, integrating Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology information using the EtherScope EXG.

No more struggling to keep manually drawn maps up to date! EtherScope nXG automatically discovers both your wired and Wi-Fi networks for instant mapping in NetAlly’s Link-Live Cloud Service. These comprehensive, up-to-the-minute-accurate network diagrams show your network as it is NOW, integrating Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology information, including these connections: switch to host, switch to Access Point, AP to Wi-Fi client, switch to switch, switch to router, and router to router hops.

Now, users can now interact with the network in a flexible map-based user interface to quickly visually identify configuration and topology issues, speeding troubleshooting, and automatically create network documentation.

EtherScope nXG’s patented discovery engine gathers data from its wired connection (via SNMP and other methods) and from the air (observing Wi-Fi traffic) to generate comprehensive network connectivity maps.

Topology mapping is also available for LinkRunner 10G with the purchase of AllyCare premium support.

Easy to use filters and map controls allow you to see exactly what you want, and how you want it displayed. Quickly identify network and device configuration errors, and see ‘unknown’ switches and rogue devices. Element icons are color-coded to identify errors or warnings; double-clicking on any map element brings up its detailed discovery information, including status, problems, interface information, and more.