Bitrate has a number of IT support options available. We have services that include network troubleshooting, fault finding for virtual & Linux environments, fault finding on cabling and selective cable installations including fibre splicing. Bitrate has a 20-year track record helping clients getting their IT up and running in difficult situations

In-depth protocol, LAN, WAN, WLAN (wireless LAN) and traffic analysis is part our roots. We are passionate about helping organisations with all of their IT challenges.

Bitrate has a large selection of network testing and cable installation gear to help with most problems experienced in small to very large organisations. We do not just rely on an engineer with a laptop, as this simply does not cover every severe IT situation.


Network Troubleshooting

Bitrate has various software and hardware tools to help analyze the network and detect faults in LAN, WAN and Wifi environments. This helps speed up the process and get your IT running quicker. Give us a call if you have a SEV-1 or serious IT problem.




Linux skills

Good Linux engineers are not easy to find. Bitrate can provide an hourly rate for the use of our Linux engineers. It can be costly to hire a permanent engineer so consider this as an option for your organisation.


Installation of Servers

Server installations can be complicated whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. Give our team a call for quick response for server support.




Fibre splicing

For any fibre splicing needed, Bitrate has splicing tools plus the correct fibre test equipment to validate your installation whether its passive or an active test.


Traffic and WAN analysis

Bitrate uses Netflow, deep packet inspection or firewalls to help with in-depth traffic analysis. If there is a need for a clear indication of what users are doing, we have a solution for you.

Bitrate also supplies professional services should the partner not want to invest in a particular skill.