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NetAlly simplifies wireless troubleshooting by providing:

A rugged, purpose-built wireless tester supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) that’s easy to use and easy to carryA one-button AutoTest, which quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems – for any level of Wi-FiexpertiseAn instant view of test results including network availability, connectivity,utilization, rogue devices, and interference detection.A centralized test results management platform, Link-Live, that facilitates greater job visibility, project control and fleet management for larger distributed environment. Choose from Either the AirCheck-G2 or the Etherscope nXG which includes wired testing.

NetAlly Wifi Analysis

Are you ready for 802.11ac?

Whether you are at work or at home, if you own wireless router, then you’ve spent a good few hours unplugging the router, waiting fifteen seconds and plugging it in again. Only to find that the light that is supposed to be green has turned purple and is blinking unnecessarily, or something to that effect.

WiFi doesn’t have to be as confusing as it is made out to be. On the contrary, there are many great products on the market nowadays that make WiFi analysis and troubleshooting WiFi problems quick and easy from handheld tools to 24/7 WiFi Infrastructure monitoring. These product analysers and testers are specially designed to identify and resolve network connectivity issues, making this handy range of products the WiFi technicians new best friend.

Bitrate Provides A Range Of PC based Solutions For WiFi Analysis From NeTAlly.