Wi-Fi Demystified


Why isn’t it working?

Your wireless network may have been working fine for a long time before it suddenly started giving you trouble. Why? Screen_and_Screenshot

Wi-Fi Analyzer, with its built-in AirMagnet Wireless System Expert (AirWISE) can :
• Detect any issue
• Explain how and why is the issue happening
• Advise how to resolve

You still don’t believe it?
Why not check it yourself?

Register for a 100% full featured evaluation license now, and who knows: in a next future, you might very well accept being quoted like our customer below:

“As an avid user of AirMagnet’s full suite of tools for more than a decade, I have introduced the product to hundreds of Colleges, Customers and Employers; the consensus always being the same – AirMagnet takes the mystery out of wireless networking. At Computer Design & Integration LLC, we recently adopted AirMagnet as our go-to wireless engineering tool; whether for site survey and design, security, performance, enterprise management, or daily troubleshooting, AirMagnet takes our wireless business to the next level by allowing my staff to get it right the first time, every time! Any professional organization that sells, services, or manages a wireless network should have AirMagnet in their tool box.”
– Wil Ankerstjerne, Director, Wireless Networking Group Computer Design & Integration LLC., Teterboro, NJ

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